Thursday, January 14, 2010

wow so I am REALLY bad at this game.... its been like six months since I updated this but just wanted to let everyone know that we found out we are having a girl the week of Christmas! we are soooo excited! sorry if you didn't know we are pregnant but hopefully you'll forgive me. We are now 20 weeks and cant believe we are half way there already. Hopefully i will be better about updating this more often but if your on facebook, my page gets updated A LOT more often then this does so catch up with us there. We love you all! loves <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

wow! i know im terrible at this... its been too long. Luke graduated police academy in the top of his class and received the directors choice award for 90% and above on all test and quizes... he also got the second highest score on his final so i had to brag for a second cause he has worked so hard for the past year and im so proud of him! Now we are just waiting to see where life will take us... for now, we will just keep enjoying summer with friends and family! i miss and love you all : )
loves <3 ashley

Saturday, March 21, 2009

so luke and i just got back from cancun not too long ago, i know....feb was a crazy month for me but it was so much fun! we went with two other couples... casey and melanie adams, and collin and whitney christensen. it was one of the funnest trips i have ever been on... same with greece but cancun was particularly fun because one: duh its hot, and two luke and i had only been to vegas together so it was great to go and see a new place together. i have been so luck to have a mom that shares my passion for travel so i have seen a lot of places many people never get the opportunity to and it was really hard for me to go to greece without luke but we had planned cancun a few months before we left and greece was a suprise (via my mom) about a week and a half before we left... anyway i am off track.... luke wasnt so sure he would like being away from home because he is such a home body let alone out of the country but he loved it to! it was an adventure thats for sure... we got to go scuba diving, snorkeling with the sharks(they were in a tank inside the ocean so you swim around the tank), on a couple boat rides, to a fun show/club at coco bongo, shopping, and the best part of all was laying on the beach... the only think luke and i didnt like is that we dont speak spanish so im thinking Hawaii next time?... yeah that would be good, tropical but still in the U.S anyway we love you all and hope to see you soon! if you want to see all of the pics go to my facebook... loves <3

Greece pics finally

so i know this has taken me FOREVER to get these up but i really cant figure out how to get all of them on an album so if you wanna see some good pics of greece an cancun go to my face book. its open so anyone can check it out but if you dont have a face book and you wanna see them give me your e-mail and i will send them all to you. or if you know how to do an album on blogspot let me know... loves <3

Friday, February 13, 2009

hey everyone i just got back from greece yesterday and i need to post some pics but i will have to do that later. i need to figure out how to do a album on here i know you can but i dont know how so if anyone has tips let me know!

Monday, January 19, 2009

i know its SO bad that i made this blog 6 months ago and this is only my second entry but i have no idea how to do this! how does everyone make their blog so dang cute?
anyway, things are going really good for us. i am still working at Dr. trapnells office two days a week and i do hair out of our home still and im loving it! Luke is on break right now but has completed the first POST class to become a police officer and he starts back up in march... he will be completely finished in the end of june first of july, he is hoping to get on with spanish fork so i will keep you posted :) if anyone knows how to make a really cute page and feel like sharing, im all ears!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

so life has been crazy! the salon is finished, luke is starting the police academy on september 9, and my brother just got married tonight! all good and exciting changes but still, busy!